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 09.Microsoft Private Folder 1.0

  Catogory: Security
Downloads: 39
Size: 1.06 MB
Last Updated: June 21st, 2006 07:34 GMT
License: Freeware

Download Time: 56K: 2m 35s  64K: 2m 15s

                                 128K: 1m 7s  768K: 11s

Ranking Company: Microsoft Corporation
Description: Microsoft Private Folder is a useful tool for you to protect your private data when your friends, colleagues, kids or other people share your PC or account. With this tool, you will get one password protected folder called My Private Folder in your account to save your personal files.
The following hardware and software are required to run Microsoft Private Folder:
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Professional Edition and Media Center Edition with SP2
Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor

10.3D Studio Max 7.0

  Catogory: Graphic Editors
Downloads: 41
Size: 85.1 MB
Last Updated: August 11th, 2006 04:01 GMT
License: Demo

Download Time:56K: 3h 27m     64K: 3h 1m   

                                128K: 1h 30m   768K: 15m 7s

Ranking Company: Discreet
Description: 3ds max is the world's most widely used professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution, offering the ultimate in professional 3D tools required for creating eye-catching visual effects, cutting edge games, and distinct design visualizations.

11.Internet Explorer 7.0

  Catogory: Internet
Downloads: 34
Size: 12.5 MB
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2006 13:55 GMT
License: Freeware

Download Time: 56K: 30m 28s     64K: 26m 40s

                                 128K: 13m 20s   768K: 2m 13s

Ranking Company: MicroSoft Corporation
Description: Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 is a useful program that includes advancements in security and browsing experience for end users, functionality and compatibility for developers, and manageability for corporate network administrators.

12.Partition Magic 8.0

  Catogory: Hard Disk Utilities
Downloads: 44
Size:  22.6 MB
Last Updated: June 17th, 2006 11:54 GMT
License: Demo

Download Time: 56K: 55m 6s     64K: 48m 12s

                                 128K: 24m 6s   768K: 4m 1s

Ranking Company: Symantec
Description: Quickly and easily create, resize, merge, and convert workstation hard-disk partitions without destroying data.
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WinRar 3.60
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